Sunday, March 10, 2013

China Glaze haul

I'm not sure how interesting these kind of posts are for you, but this is the latest haul I received a little while ago, before lent started and I put myself on a ban from buying new polishes. (In hindsight, bad idea...)

These were all bought from and took quite a long time to arrive, but good things comes to those who wait. Forgive me the phone picture but I didn't have my camera with me and really wanted to snap a picture. From left to right we have Rodeo Fanatic, Spontaneous, Grape Pop, Holly-Day, Side Saddle, Dorothy Who?, Cowgirl Up, Blue Year's Eve and Midnight Mission.

Ended up being a  fairly random haul, these are all bottles from old collections, I managed to get three from the same though, Rodeo Fanatic, Side Saddle and Cowgirl Up are all from the Rodeo Diva collection that brought us some quite vampy shades, all very nice with that gorgeous sparkle that make them look like they glow from within. I am yet to swatch all of these, the piles of untried polishes I have really is mounting up but at least that will make for lots of material for the blog!

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